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ENOC is effectively wholly owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai (“ICD”), an entity wholly owned by the Government of Dubai. The Company was incorporated with limited liability in the Emirate of Dubai in April 1993 and its registered office is P.O. Box 6442, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Since its establishment in 1993, ENOC has made significant progress in meeting its overall objectives and currently predicates in an increasingly broad range of business ventures. ENOC’s first subsidiary commenced operations way back in 1973. ENOC owns directly and indirectly more than twenty subsidiaries.
The Group operates through five business segments namely:
  1. Supply, Trading & Processing – condensate and gas processing and oil trading;
  2. Terminals - Storage for various petroleum and chemical products;
  3. Marketing – Marketing of aviation fuel, lubes, chemicals and industrials products;
  4. Retail - Retailing fuel and non-fuel services at retail stations; and
  5. Exploration & Production - Development and production of oil and gas.
ENOC provides the energy behind Dubai’s phenomenal growth. The Group touches almost every facet of the Emirate’s development and puts its name firmly on the overseas arena. Responsible, reliable, innovative and progressive, ENOC is the ‘Energy Partner of Choice’.
With the Group’s expansion, from the shores of the Emirates to the Far East, Europe, and Africa, ENOC is now actively pursuing further global expansion. Today the Group is poised to engage in a new and challenging period of future growth and diversification.